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BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent Sync Review:

 Yes, this is not just possible but also is the best possible solution for the perpetually increasing size of data every day. BitTorrent Sync has made it possible. Taking up everything to the cloud might be a fail-safe but what if they are attacked and corrupted? What if they are leaked out to the public divulging all your confidential texts to your friends, personal data like pics and other sensitive stuff? There are many advantages of a cloud platform, but it must be used only for those tasks that cannot be done otherwise. Simply because it exists it should not be made a de-facto standard for every small and petty job. After all, some things are safe with just you.

 How It Works?

 BitTorrent sync is a sharing application that allows you to share your data between devices and among your friends without divulging anything to external servers or seemingly the cloud.
 - It  makes use of all the connections available to it in terms of wired and wireless networks. This means that it acts the same way as BitTorrent Client works for sharing resources.


 It does not matter if the files are larger or smaller. On contrary it is always better when the files are massive for even faster transfers. You can easily share terabytes of data between devices at 16X the conventional speed of your internet connection.
 - It also does not always require an active "internet connection" for transferring your stuff. Offline transfers are also equally possible.


 The best part of this system is the security that you get without the cloud coming in between you and your device. There is no looping around servers, or cloud, that saves you time and boosts the speed. You are directly connected to your device and neither data or verification keys are stored on any server. The credentials are locally stored on your devices so that they cannot be targeted by hackers.
 - There is no notion of a central server or base station and all the transfer is done via distributed resources and this leaves no room for hackers to target a particular node.

 Cloud computing is currently a hot topic and every nook and corner of the IT world is trying to take its advantage ignoring the vulnerabilities that it offers. BitTorrent Sync is the best solution for those who are convinced by these facts and looking for an alternative.

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